Ustream Facts
  • Wedding will be in August
  • They will both keep their last names (Joel loves the name Von Drachenberg)
  • They are looking for a new house
  • Piaf and Meowingtons have to be separated because they fight :(
  • Joel wants Kat to design a shirt
  • Kat is going to Ultra with Joel as well as SXSW
  • Joel is taking Kat to Argentina for the first time since she was a kid (for a show)
  • Joel is learning how to play guitar
  • Joel has one more session left on his Meowingtons tattoo
  • He almost got tattooed today
  • Every morning when Kat wakes up she makes a squeaking noise
  • A gold mau5head is being made
  • Most of Joel’s shows Kat would be sitting under the table where Joel would dj
  • Kat is Joel’s biggest fan
  • Joel got out of bed at 2:35 today(maybe 3)
  • Joel scraped his car with his mom in it
  • Kat says Joel is good at drawing
  • Kat collects Bibles
  • Joel was raised as a Christian
  • Joel is transferring his studio to his new house
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